Not to age myself, but back in the day when we had a snow day, we'd race outside to try and build a snow fort, and pretend that we lived in Alaska!  What do your kids do?

In today’s world with all the technology and video games galore, and with the kids out of school due to the snow, it makes me wonder if kids enjoy the same kind of snow day I had when I was a kid.  We used to take a shoe box, and pack it really hard with snow, to build snow blocks, then we’d take those snow blocks and stack them on top of each other in hopes of building a snow fort or “igloo,” which would usually collapse before we could get it finished.  Then we would go inside and do something fun, like playing Yahtzee, or some other board game.

Then it was back outside for more fun in the snow.  Sometimes, if we could find a hill steep enough, we’d take the snow shovel out of the garage and see if we could slide down the hill without falling off, or, in my case, before my big brother would push me off so he could take his turn.  Then we’d go back home, pack a glass full of snow, and pour pop over it, trying to create our own version of a snow cone, which usually ended up in a bit of a slushy mess by the time it was all said and done, but we loved it!

These are just a few of the many fond memories of having a snow day back in my day.  What kind of memories do you have, and what do your kids do on a snow day?