When’s the last time you did something different on the weekend. How about playing with faster than the speed of sound?

My best bud’s brother Bryan, stopped by my house on Sunday to take a shower after camping out in the flat lands to the southeast of Wyoming, with about 200 other rocket-men braving wet and stormy weather to have some powerful fun.

Breaking Mach, roughly the speed of sound, they launch these rockets into the sky and hopefully, the laundry (parachute) deploys at the apex and the spent tube floats to earth, just to get refueled and take another shot at the heavens.

Bryan’s uncle got him a toy version when he was about 10, now years later he needs government sanction to invade the airspace where planes fly and to explain why he’s messing with highly explosive  components in a post 911 world.

He also recently met a lovely nurse who really likes it, so there's that.....


Chics dig it