Eight years ago I watched the first Harry Potter movie.  It should've been two movies.  It was waaaay too long.  So will I go see the new one?  Maybe if a few meetings get cancelled this week.  Of course, even then, I'd probably rather sit in my garage and shoot at myself with a small BB gun.  But seriously, check this out. 

Rolling Stone Magazine says:

What's a holiday movie? Something about Santa or getting wasted on New Year's Eve? Nah. My loose interpretation is that behind every choice holiday movie is a voice singing, "Forget your troubles. Come on, get happy!" These babies are designed to lift sprits, not bring them down. Oscar intentions are allowed (True Grit, The Fighter), but they better come wrapped in a pretty package.


Take Javier Bardem in Biutiful: He's amazing as a dirt-poor father with a terminal illness and a deathly fear of abandoning his kids to their junkie mother. But is that the popcorn escapism you're looking for after a big holiday dinner? Hardly.