I know it's the weekend but I'd like to invite you to go back to school, join me this weekend on the Saturday Night A to Z from six until midnight. We finished last week's show with George Thorogood's version of Who Do You Love? Do you have any guesses what song will be next alphabetically by song title in our music library?
Looks like we'll finish up the alphabet on Saturday night, then what? Well, we start all over again, beginning with any song titles that have numbers up front (like Tommy Tutone's 867-5309 Jenny). Then come the A's, B's and so on.
It's always interesting to guess what you think will be next and sometimes it will be two songs with the same title, a cover version or completely different tunes with the same name. And you never know when we'll have the same artist back to back.
I invite you to join us for all the fun. Who knows maybe we'll even learn something.