Not a lot of television shows have theme songs anymore, but there’s a few from back in the day that once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head. put together a list of “10 TV Theme Songs That Always Get Stuck In Your Head.”  They’re the songs that you keep humming all day long, which some refer to those songs as “ear worms.”  Some of the top television “ear worms” include:

#1 “The Andy Griffith Show” (who can’t resist trying to whistle along)

#2 “Hawaii Five-O” (the original theme)

#3  “The Brady Bunch” (“here’s a story….” Everybody sing!)

#4  “Cheers” (where everybody knows your name and the theme song!)

#5 “Bonanza” (straight from the Ponderosa)

#6  ““The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (I bet even Will Smith still can’t resist singing along!)

#7.  “Gilligan’s Island” (catchy tune for just a 3 hour tour.)

#8  “The Jeffersons “(“we’re moving on up!)

#9  “The Flintstones”  (who wouldn’t want a “ya-ba-dab-a doo time!)

#10  “The Addams Family” (da-da-da-da-snap snap!)

Even though there’s less television shows that don’t have those catchy themes, there’s still a few out there that’ll get you humming.  Every time I watch “Game of Thrones” I catch myself humming that song, and usually when someone hears me, they’ll hum right along with me!

What television songs gets stuck in your head?