In case you didn’t know, today is National Bosses Day!  (And now that you do know, you’re probably running to the nearest gift shop to save face!)  According to this, there are at least 4 basic bosses that we either had, or are currently working for.

There’s the “Workaholic Boss” These are the bosses that NEVER go home.  They work around the clock and won’t finish until they “get er done!”  *Best gift for the "Workaholic, a watch!

There’s also the “Traditional Boss.”  These are the bosses that have a set way of doing things; they’re very particular and sometimes can be a little nit picky because they’re perfectionists. *Best gift for a Traditional Boss, a traditional pen and pencil set.

Then there’s the “Buddy Boss.”  These are my favorite kind of bosses.  They’re friendly and fun to be around.  They still know how to be the “boss,” but they also know how to be your “bud.”  *Best gift for the Buddy Boss, a 12 pack of beer!

And there’s what’s known as the “Miracle Boss.”  These are the bosses that are the motivators, the pushers and shakers.  They might ruffle your feathers from time to time, but they do it to motivate you to reach your goals. *Best gift for the Miracle Boss, a Starbuck's gift card.

So, in honor of National Bosses Day, what type of boss do you work for?