As we rolled up on this Jeep from behind, heavy smoke was really pouring out from under the hood. It didn't seem like just steam, but something darker and more ominous. That could mean serious trouble. I told my wife to pull in so we could offer assistance and be of service to a fellow citizen, because it's what we do.

40 seconds later, as I clicked this picture, the major cloud had downgraded to this little wisp of moisture, whispering out meekly. Of course, the really good picture fizzled out and left me with this one. Seconds! Mere seconds later!!

Turned out the guy was on his cell and seemed mildly irritated that I walked up to offer any help he might need, while he was already making arrangements for it. That's when it dawned on me. Even if he needed help, what would I do? A leak in a hose could be temporarily fixed with duct tape, but we didn't have any. In fact, there were no tools with us except for the Leatherman on my belt. All I could really do is offer my phone or a ride, and he was covered on both.

The old cars were simpler and easier to fix, but today, you need all the heavy gear to work on them. After exchanging about six words, he rolled up his window and finished his call. My wife and I rolled on.