Every decade has it's own unique fashion.  What decade of fashion would you like to see make a comeback?

In the 60's, it was all about the tie dyes, tattered jeans, and anything that had a peace sign on it.  It was hip, it was free, it was cool!  You also had the "Go Go" boots and short mini skirts going on in the late 60's which also carried over into the 70's.

The 70's was all about the glitter, the bell bottomed jeans and platform shoes that were so high and clunky, you look like you were walking on two cement blocks.  It was flashy, sexy and full of disco flair.

In the 80's you had the big shoulder pads that made you look like you were a linebacker for an NFL football team.  You also had the leg warmers, whether you exercised or not, and the big hair, the BIGGER the better!  It was flashy, trendy and chic!

For me, I kind of liked the 80's. Some of the fashions were kinda cool, and I always liked looking like I just got out of aerobics class with my trendy leg warmers.  As far as the big hair, the good Lord gave me that one.  Now that it's long out of date, I spend many a morning ironing my hair flat so I won't get another call from the 80's asking for their hair style back!

What fashion did you like the best that you'd like to see make a comeback?  Is it the free and cool 60's, the flashy disco 70's or was it the trendy and chic 80's?  (Anyone know what was hip in the 90's?  I think I was still in my 70's clothes back then!)