Do you remember the first song you ever bought?

For a lot of people, the answer can be very embarrassing. That applies in my case.

My very first 45 rpm record was Clint Holmes 'Playground In My Mind.'

The main reason I bought the record was the chorus of the song included my name, 'my name is Michael, I got a nickel.'

The song came out in 1973 and made it to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. I didn't know until I did a little research that Clint Holmes was a Las Vegas entertainer, Harrah's Casino even named their showroom after him. Holmes also was the announcer on 'The Late Show with Joan Rivers' on Fox TV from 1986-1988.

I bought my first song as a 45 rpm record at The Audio File in downtown Cheyenne, maybe yours was a cassette single or a download. Let us know what it was in the comment box below, maybe we'll ad it to our playlist or put it on 'Your Sunday Brunch.'

Listen to my first song and let me know what you think.