Are you headed to the carnival during Cheyenne Frontier Days?

The Bill Hames Show and midway is back in town for the 'Daddy of 'em All.'

What's your favorite ride at the carnival?

My favorite has changed over the years, now days I'd have to say I like the mellow ride of the big ferris wheel the best.

The funhouse with the rope bridges is my son's favorite, he also likes the big slide.

When I was his age, we lived on the Randall Avenue exit off Interstate 25 on West 31st Street. We'd get very excited when we'd see the first semi coming down the ramp with a carnival ride on it's trailer.

It was fun trying to guess which ride it might be; the sparkly kid cars that roll around in circles, the bumper cars or The Zipper. (That ride was my favorite until I lost too much change and almost my lunch)

Let us know what carnival ride or attraction you like best.