If you still have your album collection, chances are not only do you have your music albums, you probably have a few comedy albums. Are any of them in the top 20?

Billboard.com put out a list of the “Top 20 Best Selling Comedy Albums Since 1991.”  Why from 1991?  Because that’s when they started using Soundscan to track sales of albums, and according to using that source, they listed the top 20 comedy albums from 1991 to today.  You can check out the entire list at billboard.com, but here’s a few of the albums that made the list, starting with the #1 best selling comedy album:

#1. Adam Sandler-“What the Hell Happened to Me?”

#2.  Jeff Foxworthy-“Games Rednecks Play”

#3.  Jeff Foxworthy-“You Might Be a Redneck If…”

#4.  Weird Al Yankovic-“Bad Hair Day”

#5.  Adam Sandler-“They’re All Gonna Laugh At You”

If you were wondering if any of the Blue Collar Comedy guys other than Jeff Foxworthy made the list, the answer is YES, they all did, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White.  In ALL four of these guys are ALL OVER this top 20 list.

It got me to thinking about some of the comedy albums that I had from back in the day that didn’t make this list because they were all before 1991.  Bill Cosby “Himself,” Steve Martin Wild Crazy Guy,” Eddie Murphy “Raw,” and who didn’t at least have one Cheech & Chong album, I think my favorite was “Big Bambu” with my favorite skit “Pedro and the Man at the Drive In.”

If you were to add some of your funny comedy albums from your collection who would you add?