Have you found the perfect gift for Father's Day yet?

How about giving Dad his favorite song on the 'KING FM Sunday Brunch' between 7 and 10 a.m.? Grateful Mike will be playing bunches of Father's Day tunes and is looking for your suggestions.

So far we're planning to play 'Father & Son' by Cat Stevens, 'Come to Papa' from Bob Seger and 'Your Mama Don't Dance & Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll' performed by Loggins & Messina.

A song that always reminds me of my Dad is 'Cats in the Cradle,' the Harry Chapin classic. It makes you realize how fast time goes by and how things change, yet they still stay the same.

Let us know what your Pop would like to hear between 7 and 10 on Father's Day, maybe you'll hear it on the 'KING FM Sunday Brunch.'