Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving scene from a movie?

The chaotic scene from Oliver Stone's 'The Doors' movie has to be one of the most memorable for me, mixing a little rock and roll in with your turkey. (Be warned that the video contains some not so family friendly language and subject matter)Overall, my favorite movie involving a quest for a Thanksgiving dinner has to be 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles.' Steve Martin is Neal Page trying to make it home for the holiday against all odds with the help of John Candy as Del Griffith. The 1987 movie directed by John Hughes has lots of memorable lines, like 'those aren't pillows,' and becomes a heartwarming, feel good film by the end.

My other must-see for Turkey day has to be 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.' The Peanuts gang creating their own unique Thanksgiving dinner with what they all have available.

Is there a movie you plan to watch this weekend? Let us know your favorite Thanksgiving scene, I was surprised how many films deal with the annual family gathering.