Is there a band's name that makes you smile every time you hear it?

There are several that make me chuckle when I think of them, especially a Cheyenne band from the past and my favorite from southern California, Snotty Scotty and the Hankies.

We loved going to the Loch Ness Monster Pub in Pasadena to see Snotty Scotty and the Hankies tear it up with their cover of Tommy James' 'Hanky Panky.' They were also responsible for starting the annual Doo Dah Parade which makes fun of Pasadena's esteemed Rose Bowl Parade.

My favorite Cheyenne band name has to be Mister Coffee and The Grounds for Divorce. Led by Mark 'The Shark' Langer, the band included Mark Jones and Chris Chimick, both playing now with Another Perfect Circus. (Another great unusual band name) Oh, that's right, Mark Jones also plays keyboards with Lug Nut and The Spare Tires. (Yet another classic band name)

That reminds me of the band with the hit, 'Driver's Seat,' do you remember Sniff and The Tears?

My wife suggested the Gamma Rays out of Salt Lake City, there's also Doug and The Slugs and another local band from the past, Armour and The Hot Dogs led by John Armour. (thanks to Alex Aragon for that last one)

What would you pick as your favorite unusual band name?