Our quest continues in finding about how the holidays are done here in the Cowboy State, so today’s “Family Tradition” question has to do with Christmas presents and when to open them, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

When I was growing up, it was explained to me that we had to go to bed “early” on Christmas Eve, (probably so my parents could scramble around and make sure all the presents were put together) and then that night, Santa would come down the chimney to deliver our presents, and then the next day, we would wake up and we could open our presents!  I think I had my father a little baffled when I questioned him about the chimney part, we didn’t have one!  He told me that he gave Santa the key to the house!

Other families, like my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Verlyn and their family would open all of their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, which often had me wondering what they did the next day, to me it kind of took the whole thrill away if you did it early.

Then there are those families who would open 1 present on Christmas, kind of like a teaser for the next day when they got to open up all the rest of their presents.

How about your family, do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?