Last night we had a trio of baby starlings wondering around the back yard here in Cheyenne. Here's the best approach to handling these situations.

I have experience in handling baby birds that have been blown out of the nest or kicked out when it's time to leave. There are a few school of thoughts on this. First it's not true that if you handle the babies, the mother will reject him. If they are too small and wind has blown them out, you have work on your hands to raise them. That's another story.

For little guys kicked out, best bet is let mom deal with them. Our little guy came in with us in small box with a towel and was tired. We fed him the usual dog food and water through and eyedropper. (ground up). I didn't see his other brothers and sisters until this morning, so out he went to join them. They are under a big tree where the nest was. She has one more in the nest. Mom is keeping watch on them.

The best bet here is to let nature work it's course without interference.

UPDATE: Mom is working with all of them on flying. She has them in a corner of the yard and is flying around them to get the to do the same.