Have you seen some great Halloween decorations in Cheyenne so far this year? Let others know where they are, whether they are yours or someone else's eerie creations.

Some residents decorate more for October 31st than they do for December 25th. If you have lights, inflatables, skeletons, witches and other ghouls that you'd like to show off, post your pictures in the comments below.One of my favorite houses to cruise by during Halloween is at 19th Street and Dunn Avenue, right at the top of the hill after passing Holliday Park, there's a blue house with a scary red cloaked figure standing by the stairs and the spookiest part for me is the silhouette in the side window who looks like a victim trying to escape from the house.

At night it's even more horrifying with a strobe light illuminating the shadow pinned up against the window. Each year the occupants of this house impress me with something else that makes my heart beat faster.

Where have you found the best decorations in Cheyenne? Does it make you want to Trick or Treat at that house?