Do you have any trophies on display? Is there a dream trophy you always wished you could win?

There are a lot of great sports trophies. My favorite is the Lombardi trophy awarded to the NFL Super Bowl Champions.

In the NHL playoffs, the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks are on a quest to win Lord Stanley's cup.

On the body of the Stanley Cup is engraved the names of each player, as well as coaches and management of past winners.

The NBA playoffs this year feature the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat trying to claim the Larry O'Brien trophy. O'Brien was the NBA Commissioner between 1975 and 1983.

The big prize at the Olympics isn't a trophy, it's a medal. They come in precious metals like bronze, silver and gold.

The winner of the Professional Golf Association Championship each year picks up the Wanamaker Trophy. It's named after a wealthy department store owner who helped organize the PGA in 1916.

Each year, the winner of professional soccer's World Cup is awarded the FIFA World Cup trophy. This year's winners, Spain, accidentally dropped the cup during their celebration parade and it was run over by their bus.

The award that has been presented to the nation's most outstanding college football player since 1935 is called the Heisman trophy. It was created by the Downtown Athletic Club and was named for the club's Athletic Director John Heisman after he died.

In auto racing, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 gets the Borg-Warner trophy. It's named for U. S. auto supplier BorgWarner.

Major League Baseball awards the best defensive players each year with Gold Gloves.

Some of sport's winners get to wear their awards. In boxing, the holder of the Heavyweight title wins a belt.

And the champion of the Master's Golf Tournament receives the Green Jacket.