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Ice Queen asks this question: Now I am confused. I always thought that Chicago was the windy city. Now I find out that Wyoming is the windy one. What gives?

Well Ice Queen: The Great Divide, coupled with the latitude of Wyoming relative to weather coming off the Pacific, make it a pretty sure bet the wind is gonna blow. The rough triangle between Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie is ferociously windy. The rest of the state is only partly windy, with occasional gale-force winds. In the southeastern triangle, trains can be (and have been) blown off the tracks.

About 8-9 miles south of Wheatland is the "Bordeaux Cut" - the famous windsocks on I-25. The cut is a natural cut the wind has made thru the mtns & is like a big wind tunnel. Is DOCUMENTED in energy books & geo lit as the windiest place in North America (yes including the north pole & Alaska, etc. etc.) for PERPETUAL wind.

That doesn't mean it doesn't get windier at other places but for sustained perpetual winds (which is the area where it is my understanding they put those wind turbines that blew to pieces back into the Medicine Bow valley). It is the mountains breaking into the jet streams & breaking them up & pulling them down to the ground

Coupled with location, elevation and climate...it makes us WINDOMING!

And just for kicks, the top 10 windiest cities according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are:

1...Blue Hill MA
2...Dodge City KS
3...Amarillo TX
4...Rochester MN
5...Cheyenne WY
6...Casper WY
7...Great Falls MT
8...Goodland KS
9...Boston MA
10...Lubbock TX