We won't make you work like these miners to earn Silver Mine Subs, you can play the "Secret Ingredient Contest" and win food all this week on the radio.

Silver Mine Subs is sponsoring KING FM's "Live at 5:05" so we'll be giving you a chance to call in and win ten dollars worth of food just by identifying which ingredient is missing from one of their sandwiches.

Each evening this week between five and seven, Grateful Mike will list the ingredients of a Silver Mine Sub, except for one "Secret Ingredient." If you are the first to call 778-8800 and correctly identify what's missing, you win.

If you need some help figuring out what's on each of those delicious Silver Mine Subs, link to their menu here. And if you are having a holiday party, Silver Mine Subs can cater your event for you.

There are two Silver Mine Subs locations in Cheyenne; 800 S. Greeley Highway near Safeway and 453 Vandehei in the Vandehei Plaza next to Interstate 25. And my favorite part, Silver Mine Subs delivers until 3 in the morning.