nemuneko.jc, Flickr

Here's a story that's going to make you say "what the...???  Some women are selling POSITIVE pregnancy tests on Craig's list!  Some  women are actually getting $25 bucks a pop, or, in this case, a stick!

But why?  Why would ANYONE want to buy a positive pregnancy test?  Could it be for a really lame prank, or worse, to get a marriage proposal???  I wonder what they're going to do 9 months later, I don't think Craig's list is selling babies online, least I hope not.  Maybe some women think that they could pass off the test as theirs and then purposely get pregnant. (Good luck with that!)

Have you known anyone who lied about being pregnant just to get a marriage proposal?  Have YOU ever been lied to because someone wanted you to walk  them down the isle?