Openings from Craigslist, as featured on the Tuesday edition of Gundy in the Morning. Apply at your risk!

Poker Dealer Wanted for Free Poker: Here's a way to earn some extra cash in Philadelphia -- is farming dealers out to local bars to deal up some Texas Hold 'Em. Not a bad way to spend a couple nights a week, right? Sure, except you'll be working for tips only -- there's no salary. Send a picture and your qualifications if you're still interested.

Earn $$ to Drive Handyman to Jobs: Bob in the Baltimore area is an in-demand handyman, but he has a problem -- he needs someone to drive him to his jobs. We don't know if he got a DUI or what, but he's willing to pay you to tote him, his tools and a ladder around. You'll need a truck or van, and you have to be reliable. Give Bob a call -- he prefers that to E-mail.

Workers Needed: Looking for a job in San Diego and really don't care what it is? Here's the whole ad -- "The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and capable of working independently. The candidate will also have excellent verbal, written and multi-tasking skills. We're looking for an energetic and enthusiastic individual that will help us continue to be an industry leader." Ummm, "working independently" on what? "Multi-tasking skills" for which tasks? An "industry leader" in what industry? You'll undoubtedly be shocked to learn that the ad doesn't specify the salary.

Head Power Soccer Coach: This one's a little strange, but you can make $300 to $400 a month while doing a good thing. The Lakeshore Foundation Athletic Association in the Birmingham, Alabama area is looking for a head power soccer coach. Power soccer is played on a basketball court by people in electric wheelchairs. But, the ad says, "please note this is a competitive team and not a Special Olympics program."