Have you ever tried skydiving?

I survived a couple static-line jumps many years ago over the airport near Fort Collins, but you'll never catch me leaping from a helicopter without using a parachute.

Stuntman Gary Connery used a 'wing-suit' to help him glide safely into a large stack of boxes after falling from a helicopter.

Connery, who is 42, is a veteran film stuntman. He became the first man to leap out of a helicopter and land safely back on earth without using a parachute.

The specially designed 'wing-suit' makes him look kind of like a flying squirrel and allowed him to come closer to natural flight than a human being has probably ever come.

After the stunt, he told the crowd on the ground, "I'm overwhelmed, it was an amazing feeling. There was a bit of turbulence and I experienced a lot of bouncing, but the landing was comfortable and soft. These suits are amazing."

Connery's wife Vivienne, who greeted him with a kiss and bottle of champagne, said she was "relieved it's all over."

Check out the amazing YouTube video of Connery's stunt.