Here's a fishing fail video so you can laugh at those who are doing it wrong. They seem to get funnier as they go along. Its all fun & games until someone gets bit by a shark, and you know it will happen.

Meanwhile, the fishing in Wyoming is doing well. Hot Head Leeches and Flashback Pheasant Tails are pulling in the fish on The North Platte River -  Grey Reef. Watch out on the upper section so you don’t snag the abundant moss.

The North Platte River – Miracle Mile could be a lot better, but you can write that off to the high water levels. Leave it for a week or two.

Snowy Range is every bit as good as Grey Reef. In fact, all The medicine Bow Mountains are cranking. That said, there is one exception. Lake Owen is still feeling the effects of the recent fire.

A word to the wise on wading into a hazardous situation. The North Platte is presenting some strong currents. But the fishing is good.

Get the cornmeal ready for your catfish dinner. At Grayrocks Reservoir,  The walleye should give you a bit of action. Avoid the heat and light of the day at Granit, North Crow & Crystal reservoirs. Glendo is also good for walleye teasing. Early evening should give you the best results. In fact, the general rule of thumb is fish early and late in the day.

Fish safe and watch your butts and campfires. Now, enjoy this fish fail video and then get out into our great state of Wyoming.