Highway closures continue in areas of Denver and parts of northern Colorado

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers are assisting WYDOT personnel at this time to close highway US 85 south out of Cheyenne and highway US 287 south out of Laramie due to flooding and rock slides in the State of Colorado.

This request for additional road closures has been made from Colorado State Patrol and CDOT.

Earlier this morning WYDOT closed I-25 SOUTHBOUND out of Cheyenne due to the weather emergency in Colorado. This has been at the request of Colorado due to flooding conditions and washouts of the roadway on the Interstate in the Ft. Collins/Loveland area.

Interstate 25 will remain closed to all traffic, however on US 85 and US 287 emergency traffic and local Colorado residents only will be allowed southbound out of Wyoming.  No commercial vehicle traffic will be allowed at this time.

Troopers or WYDOT personnel will be manning the road closure gates.  At this time it is unknown how long these road closures will remain.  It is possible that this will be a long term event.