I love a good joke, I love telling them, and love hearing them, but what about jokes that poke fun at Wyoming?  Do you think they're funny?

I did a little research on some of the jokes out there about our Cowboy state, and I have to admit, while some made me cringe a bit, others had me laughing out loud. Jokes4us.com had a couple that made me chuckle like:  "Why do ducks fly upside down in Wyoming?  Because there's nothing worth crapping on."  Or, "What's the biggest pick up line in Wyoming?  Answer:  'Nice tooth!'"

Wyoming Life had a few chuckles about living in our Cowboy state courtesy of Jeff Foxwothy, who gave his redneck take on " You must live in Wyoming if..." jokes, that include:  "If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you must live in Wyoming."  Or, "If your town has an equal amount of bars and churches, you must live in Wyoming."

There's even some weird laws in Wyoming that I found on JokeBudda.com that actually exist, including: "It's illegal to take a picture of a rabbit in June."   And of course there's this joke that I heard the MINUTE we were telling people that we were moving to Wyoming, where I'd get the usual response:  "Wyoming?  Isn't that the state where 'baah' means no?"  Hardee har har!

Whether or not you find humor in these "funnies" about our Cowboy State, ALL states have jokes about them, and, if anything, it just goes to show that we all have something to laugh about, and even though many of these jokes aren't true about our wonderful state, they're just meant to give you a little chuckle.

Do you know any good jokes about the state of Wyoming?