When was your last family night together?

A Wyoming mother is encouraging families to take a break from technology in favor of quality time to create stronger relationships and bonds.

Casey Rislov, a Casper mom, has written a new children’s book, “Time Together, Time Well spent!”

After reading her book, Rislov says children will understand that family time is filled with amazing adventures. She says the book is a helpful guide that shows families how to start conversations with children to teach them that family time is central to their development and maturity.

Rislov says it’s easy to get obsessed with our laptops, video games, ipods and smartphones. “Time Together, Time Well Spent!” shows modern families that ditching technology for a period of time in exchange for traditional ways of having fun is important when it comes to keeping a family close.

“We did a lot as a family growing up, ” says Rislov. “These are very fond memories as we found different activities to do together like water skiing, camping and boating. Games always brought out a competitive or silly side to everyone.”

Rislov received her master’s degree in Elementary Education from Montana State University and specializes in early childhood special education in both elementary and preschool classrooms.

“Time Together, Time Well Spent!” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.