A 17 year old teenager led a Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper on  a high speed chase that eventually ended in Idaho. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend says the juvenile had apparently stolen a car from a job site in Green River Saturday night.  Several hours later, a Wyoming Trooper observed the stolen vehicle, a 2006 Chrysler 300, on the western outskirts of Kemmerer on US 30 and initiated a traffic stop with it just before 11:00 p.m.  The driver of the vehicle did stop and when the Trooper approached the vehicle it took off reaching speeds of 120 mph. The driver of the stolen vehicle continued for approximately 54 miles with the lone Wyoming Trooper in pursuit.  Just before crossing into the neighboring State of Idaho on US 89 at Border Junction the driver stopped the vehicle once again just prior to entering a construction zone. The Trooper exited his vehicle and ordered the driver to exit the vehicle.  Once again the driver took off at high speed and crossed the State Line headed for Montpelier, Idaho.  The Trooper had the Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatch Center notify Idaho State Patrol of the pursuit that was coming into their State and requested assistance.

Prior to entering Montpelier our Wyoming Trooper was joined by a Bear Lake County, Idaho deputy.  Police officers from Montpelier attempted to spike the tires of the vehicle, however, were not successful.  The chase continued into Caribou County and Bannock County Idaho whereupon Idaho law enforcement officers took over the pursuit and the Wyoming Trooper returned to Wyoming.

Eventually, Officers from the Soda Springs, Idaho Police Department successfully spiked the tires of the stolen vehicle thus ending the late night pursuit and the juvenile driver was taken into custody.  He remains in a detention facility in Idaho at this time.  He faces numerous charges in Wyoming stemming from the chase to include the felony charge of larceny of a vehicle, eluding, no driver’s license, reckless driving, interference with a peace officer and reckless endangerment. The name of the juvenile cannot be released since he may be charged with a felony in the State of Wyoming.  It is believed he resides in the State of Idaho. No other vehicles were damaged during the 100 mile chase which lasted for just a little over 1 hour.