We had an awesome adventure in Yellowstone on Monday and we recommend if you haven't been in a while, you need to go this Summer. We stayed in Livingston, MT which is the closest town to the North Entrance at Gardiner. We got plenty of sleep on Sunday night, knowing we had to be up at 3A and on the road at 4A to hit the park at dawn. Along US 89, lots of elks and deer. Sunrise just as we arrived at the park entrance. Our first stop was Mammoth Hot Springs and the thermal pools. We had a slight delay waiting on the road from Mammoth to Norris to open at 7a. Plenty of picture opportunities. Y

ou can tell the action is heating up in the park when you get close to Old Faithful. The road looks like a freeway with overpasses to the lodge, stores and the geyser. We waited just a few minutes and BOOM. Check out the video on this post. It wasn't as massive as one would think, but still a spectacle.

After Old Faithful it was over the Continental Divide to Yellowstone Lake. The highest lake in North America in elevation. Then up Hayden Valley along the Yellowstone River to where the buffalo roam. Lots of bison. We returned to the main road to the East Entrance and near Steamboat Point on the lake, everyone was pulled over and we knew it was Yogi-time. Yes a Grizzly on the side of the hill. As we rolled out to Cody it was time for a late picnic lunch and Yogi wasn't around.

What an experience. Enjoy the photos and video and make sure you see this wonderful park in all it's grandeur.