If you’ve ever wondered “how did I get into this career…” it could be because of your birth order!

According to “The Gerontologist,”  the order which you were born might determine what you’re going to be when you grow up.  If you’re a first born, or an only child, chances are, you’re a doctor or lawyer, while younger siblings might be more inclined to venture into the arts, or the outdoors.  This might have something to do with how you were parented.

According to this study, parents tend to over protect their “first” or “only” child, so they tend to go for more “brain based” professions.  By the time the “baby” of the family arrives, parents are usually a little more relaxed and hands off.

I for one, am the  “baby” of our family.  Although I somewhat disagree with this study, because my mom was always over protected of me, I did tend to go for a more “artsy” profession, so I guess in some ways, I could blame my parents for getting into radio, they’re probably rolling over in their graves over that one!  Both of my sisters have been in the hospital industry, one of them a retired Registered Nurse.

What birth order are you, and does this study fit your family and your profession?