Remember back in the days of AM radio where they’d take your favorite song and edit it down to death?  That trend is now back in Canada where they edit your favorite songs in half!

AMP Radio out of Calgary, plays a mix of both Top 40 and Adult Alternative songs, but far less of them than ever before, because they’ve started cutting their songs in half.  They’re using a format called “Quickhitz” where they’ll take a three to four minute song and cut it down to less than TWO minutes.  Why?

According to AMP Radio’s website, “redefining how conventional stations play music as it adapts to our ever so short attention spans, insuring that the listener doesn’t get bored…”  BORED?

I find it utterly insulting to hear an edited song, and any time I do, I usually turn the channel.  Have our attention spans REALLY have been so cut short that now we’re HAVING to cut everything in half just to pay attention to it?

What do you think about this concept of cutting your favorite songs in half, and what songs do you still hear that are still edited?