I never thought that it mattered what a person did for a living when it comes to dating. However this study says otherwise... that it COULD deter your date life.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent poll asked if what someone did for a living would deter them from dating that person. Most people said yes!  Apparently, you could be less attractive depending on your current profession.

Some of the jobs that are considered “less attractive” include:

Truck Drivers-I can’t think of anyone who works harder to earn a living than a trucker. They travel miles and miles hauling the goods from one state to the next.  The hours are long, tedious, and exhausting at the end of the day, and it’s because of those reasons that most find this line of work unattractive. Truckers are often away from home more than they are at the home place.

Strippers-Gee, can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this line of work (yea, right.)  It’s pretty obvious why people would think this would be an unattractive line of work. Although I would imagine that there’s a few guys out there that might think it’s cool.

Fast Food Workers-I’m sure that the take home pay for a fast food worker might make this line of work a little unattractive.

Prison Guards-The job must be tough enough, some might worry that people in this line of work might bring their work home with them, at least emotionally.

Other jobs that made this list include, used car salesperson, cab drivers, military (not because they're serving our country, but they're far from home and it could be dangerous, depending on where they're serving) and sanitation workers.

We've all had jobs that might have been less desirable that what we do now, and many people take some of these jobs, while trying to gain a higher education or have a plan to getting into a job that either pays more, or that’s more desirable to them.

Should what they currently do for a living make a difference?  There’s also some people who truly love what they’re currently doing.  Should they have to change their profession just to get a date?

Does what a person do for a living determine who you date?