How'd you like to join me for 'Your Sunday Brunch'?

We start out waking you up a little on the psychodelic side, we'll add in a large dose of Tom Petty to get ready for his shows this week and we're going to welcome the new rockers into the hall of fame.

This is the halfway point in April so we have some 'middle' songs, we might jump back 'Under The Covers' and there's some great musical birthdays to celebrate.

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                                                             'Your Sunday Brunch' Menu for April 15, 2012

Appetizer: 'Incense and Peppermints'-Strawberry Alarm Clock

                        'Saving Grace'-Tom Petty (off his solo album 'Highway Companion')

Main Course: 'Snow (Hey Oh!)'-Red Hot Chili Peppers

                             'Ohh La La'-The Faces

                              'Hurdy Gurdy Man'-Donovan

                               'The Middle'-Jimmy Eat World

'Under The Covers': 'Break On Through'-Stone Temple Pilots

Birthdays include:'I Hear You Knockin''-Dave Edmunds

Desserts: 'Children Of The Sun'-Billy Thorpe

                     'Have A Cigar'-Pink Floyd