Hungry for some fresh late Summer rock and roll?

We have more than a plateful coming at you between seven and ten tomorrow on 'Your Sunday Brunch.'

'Elvis Week' just wrapped up, there's more Summer concerts and rock birthdays to celebrate and it's 'National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day.'

                      'Your Sunday Brunch' Summer Menu for August 19, 2012

Appetizer: 'Peaches'-Presidents of the United States of America (lots of peaches still at the farmer's markets)

Main Course: 'Tuesday Afternoon'-Moody Blues (off 'Days of Future Passed')

                            'Mississippi Queen'-Mountain

                             'Little Sister'-Elvis Presley ('What's your favorite Elvis Song?' response)

Music Losses: 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight'-Elton John (bass player Bob Birch died)

                              'Hi De Ho'-Blood, Sweat and Tears (Sax player Bill Tillman died at 65)

Concerts: 'Long Time Gone'-Crosby, Stills and Nash (at Red Rocks 8-21)

                     'Ordinary Average Guy'-Joe Walsh (playing Hudson Gardens Events Center 8-19)

                      'Finger In The Eye'-Jon Davidson (Crown Point plays the Crown Bar 8-25)

Rock Birthdays: 'White Room'-Cream (Ginger Baker turns 73)

                                  'Hush'-Deep Purple (singer Ian Gillan is 67)

                                  'Stone Cold Crazy'-Queen (bass player John Deacon is 61)

                                   'I Can See Clearly Now'-Johnny Nash (born in Houston, Tx 72 years ago)

Dessert: 'I Love Rocky Road'-Weird Al Yankovic (at the Arvada Center Summer Stage 8-23)

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