This weekend on 'Your Sunday Brunch' we're celebrating Independence Day.

We'll play some American-themed music, songs by artists having a birthday, tunes from bands coming up in concert this week and groups with upcoming releases.

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                                                                                                     July 1, 2012

Appetizers: 'Young Americans'-David Bowie

                         'Fortunate Son'-Creedence Clearwater Revival

Music News: 'Like A Rock'-Bob Seger (Items stolen last Summer recovered, arrest made)

New Releases: 'Only Time Will Tell'-Asia (Celebrating 30 years, 'Asia XXX' comes out 7/2)

                                   'Oh Well'-Fleetwood Mac (Tribute album comes out in August)

                                    'Teach Your Children'-Crosby, Stills and Nash ('CSN 2012' out 7/13)

Main Course: 'Saturday In The Park'-Chicago (Playing at Red Rocks on 7/17)

                                  'Me and Bobby McGee'-Janis Joplin (written by Kris Kristopherson)

                                   'US Blues'-Grateful Dead (Wave that flag, wave it wide and high)

Concerts: 'All In The Groove'-Blues Traveler (Playing annual July 4 show at Red Rocks)

                        'Send You Packing'-Gooding (L.A. band playing at the Midtown Tavern July 5)

Birthdays: 'Soul Man'-Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd turns 60)

                           'Maria'-Blondie (Deborah Harry born 67 years ago)

                           'Roam'-B-52's (Fred Schneider will be 61 on July 1)

Dessert: 'Working On A Dream'-Bruce Springsteen (Title track to his 2009 album)

                     'Living In The U.S.A.'-Steve Miller Band

Please join me between seven and ten a.m. for 'Your Sunday Brunch'-Grateful Mike