Are you hungry for some tasty rock and roll?

We're serving up some Irish leftovers and some Spring delicacies on 'Your Sunday Brunch,' seven until ten on the morning of March 18th.

I'm your host, Grateful Mike, and if you have any suggestions for the menu let me know. The last Sunday of the month we'll be playing an album side in the eight o'clock hour, and I'm open to ideas of what you think our March 'Album Side Sunday' should be.

Turn the page to take a look at 'Your Sunday Brunch' menu.

                                                     'Your Sunday Brunch' Menu for March 18, 2012

Our appetizers are Irish leftovers from St. Patrick's Day, we have a traditional folk song covered by a Dublin rock band and a group out of Limerick, Ireland led by Dolores O'Riordan.

'Whiskey In The Jar'-Thin Lizzy

'Linger'-The Cranberries


If you are ready for Spring, you're going to love our main course, we have some 'fresh' and 'green' songs to get you prepared for the change of seasons on Tuesday.

'Green Eyed Lady'-Sugarloaf

'Green Tambourine'-Lemon Pipers

'Who Do You Love?-George Thorogood

'Fresh Air'-Quicksilver Messenger Service


For dessert we have a collaboration from 2006 between Irish rockers and a Berkeley trio covering a song originally done by the English punk band The Skids.

'The Saints Are Coming'-U2 and Green Day


'Your Sunday Brunch' is served each weekend between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.