ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons has a line of hot sauces, and if you have listened to my rants about what I want in my Christmas stocking...then you know what to get me(or your hot sauce lover) for Christmas!  So far, there are two blends available...either and/or both would be fine.  Thanks

One of the sauces is dubbed "BFG #44 Sauce Piquant" and it is described as a "blend of the finest peppers for a truly unique fire-inducing flavor" while the "BFG #44 BBQ Sauce" makes your mouth water with its description as "sweet, tangy, spicy and smoky."

Both sauces feature the guitarist's mug, and his famous long and furry beard, on the label.


Nab yours quick, since the are limited edition and available for a short time here.



Are you a hot sauce connoisseur? Are you going to grab a bottle from BFG?