If you attended fourth grade at a Wyoming school, chances are you went through at least half the year learning about our state's history. As I recall, most of the Wyoming unit involved learning about how we became a state.

Back in the day we learned about the Oregon Trail passing through the state and studying Fort Laramie pretty exstensively (it was a great field trip, by the way.) And, I'm pretty sure Square Dancing was required as part of the unit. You probably learned that the Meadowlark is the state bird, the Indian Paintbrush the state flower, and of course, that the bison is our state animal. Sound familiar?

Yes, our state has its fair share of unique and intriguing history that Wyoming schools work hard to share with students. But they certainly don't cover everything in their lesson plans. From Hollywood movies to ghost stories, Wyoming has a ton of wild tidbits in its history.

With that in mind, I bet you didn't learn any of these fun facts during your Wyoming Trivia lesson:


What are your favorite facts from the list? Did I miss any you think should get added? Drop them in the app, I'd love to hear them.

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