The Internet is littered with videos of toddlers doing adorable things that will make you go "Aww," but this one will make you belt out your finest James Hetfield impersonation, raising a fist to the sky, exclaiming, "Yeah-ah!" Don't believe us? Just try getting through the video above without doing it!

As the video's description states, the toddler seen here is just under 3 years old, but has the refined taste of a kid who was brought up in the mid-'80s, plastering his denim jacket with thrash patches. It's too early to truly tell, but this little one has the making of a heavy metal lifer as he headbangs his way through a live version of Metallica's Ride the Lightning classic "Creeping Death."

Joining in on the call and response "1-2-3-4" chant between Hetfield and the crowd, he slams his fist down in time with the opening chords, proceeding to flair his moppy blonde hair around in a frenzy. He better be careful or he might get some "Whiplash," but when you have metal flowing through your veins, stopping this inherent reaction is almost impossible.

As the song carries on, the youngster's intensity, much like 'Tallica's, never wanes. When he's not headbanging, he's strumming along on an air guitar (we're sure he's imagining a white Explorer in his hands or one of Kirk Hammett's custom horror movie axes). During other points, he embodies the live spirit of the recording, pumping his fist in time with the crowd's chants alongside the song's chugging rhythm.

The video was uploaded a few years ago, meaning even this little kid had to endure the same lengthy wait for Metallica's Hardwired... To Self-Destruct, as the band's eldest fans did. The thrash legends are in the midst of a North American stadium tour this summer (dates here), so here's to hoping this kid gets to thrash around to "Creeping Death" in the real live setting!

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