Love is in the air! February 14 is nearly upon us, and if you haven't planned a night for your special someone, you're running out of time! If you're a Valentine's procrastinator, don't feel too bad; you're not the only one! According to a study by RetailMeNot, 1 in 10 people buy Valentine's on the big Day.

Feeling anxious about getting a date together? Don't sweat it - I've got you covered with romantic date night ideas for Cheyenne sweethearts. But what about reservations, you ask? There's plenty of romance out there that doesn't require a reservation...and you could always surprise your significant other with a certificate for another romantic night after Valentine's Day at a snazzy place that requires reservations.

How about a date on a dime? No worries, there's something for every budget on this list. Just make sure you gear up appropriately for your lovely adventure - some outdoor dates may require a coat and scarf! Check it out:

Romantic Date Nights Ideas in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Need some ideas for a romantic night out in Cheyenne? We've got you covered.

Gallery Credit: Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne

Looking for something less romantic and more fun? Perhaps you need an idea for Galentines Day or a first date? Lucky you, I've got a lineup of fun activities perfect for a lighthearted get-together with your loved one or friends.

10+ Fun Date Ideas in Cheyenne

Need a romantic night out in Cheyenne? Looking for the perfect date itinerary? We've got you. Check out these romantic date ideas - there's something for every couple on this list!

Gallery Credit: Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne

Facts About Valentine's Day:

  • The first 'Valentine's Day' occurred in 496 AD when Pope Gelasius marked February 14 as a celebration in honor of the third-century Saint Valentine's martyrdom. (
  • One myth suggests that the phrase 'from your Valentine' came from St. Valentine writing to his love from a jail cell. (History Channel)
  • Valentine's Day coincides with an ancient Roman celebration of fertility called Lupercalia. (Britannica)
  • The cupids or cherubs (baby angels) on Valentine's cards draw their origins from the Greek god of love, Eros. 'Cupid' was the Roman version of Eros. (History Channel)
  • Hallmark estimates over 145 million Valentine's cards are sent annually - surpassed only by Christmas cards. (Hallmark)
  • The average spends about $165 for Valentine's Day. (Hallmark)


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