Three cats and two birds died in a Saturday house fire in Cheyenne, according to Cheyenne Fire Rescue.

Division Chief Andrew Dykshorn says firefighters were called to the scene in the 600 block of E. 19th Street at 1:09 p.m.

City of Cheyenne via Facebook | Google Maps
City of Cheyenne via Facebook | Google Maps

"When units arrived two minutes later, firefighters found the homeowner standing out front, who indicated she had just arrived home and found the house ablaze," Dykshorn said in a press release Monday.

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Dykshorn says crews entered the home and located the fire in the kitchen area. They then worked to attack the blaze and contain it within the kitchen area.

"Once the fire was under control by 1:21 p.m., officials said the homeowner indicated she had three cats and two birds inside," said Dykshorn. "The pets were recovered by CFR but perished in the fire."

"The homeowner was displaced for the evening of her own will, refusing to receive any additional assistance," he added.

Dykshorn says the blaze caused an estimated $20,000 worth of damage and was sparked by an electric stove that had accidentally been left on, which in turn caused nearby food products to catch fire.

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