Reading through a state website full of 14 pages of 2017 Wyoming legislation could induce a nap. It was more interesting to keep an eye out for this handful of common sense:

SF0050 … CIVICS EDUCATION PROGRAMS … To establish and support programs to develop civics, Wyoming History and other aspects of Wyoming culture. ... If it requires students to study a year of specifically Wyoming History, who isn't for it?

HB0032 … SKI SAFETY ACT … To establish assumptions of risk for skiers and release of liability for ski area operators. ... And we'll add, If you don't know how to ski - don't - for the sake of everyone on the slopes.

SF0024 … FILM INDUSTRY FINANCIAL INCENTIVE PROGRAM … Authorizes the Wyoming Tourism Board to enter into agreements for reimbursements of qualified film expenditures, investments and matching funds for local film opportunities. ... More movies made in Wyoming? Cool.

HB0066 … YELLOWSTONE LICENSE PLATES … Authorizes the Yellowstone National Park Specialty Plate, and WYDOT to charge fees. ... One word: "YAY!"

HB0064 … MOVE OVER REQUIREMENT … Requires drivers to reduce speed by 20 MPH or to move over to the furthest available lane on a multi-lane highway, when passing a vehicle on the side of the road using its flashing lights. ... Was safe passing not already passed? 

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