With 2020 approaching quickly, lots of folks will make a new year's resolution. Many will strive to get in shape, some will make goals at work, and some are just hoping to have more fun in their daily lives.

While we're all in a resolutions moon. Here are a few resolutions for everyone in Cheyenne to strive for in 2020.

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    Drive A Little More Courteously

    Cheyenne has a red light running, tailgating problem. Traffic here is fairly aggressive for a smaller town, and if we all vow to be a little more forgiving in traffic, things could be a lot smoother.

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    See More Of The State

    Cheyenne residents love their weekend trips to Northern Colorado, and rightfully so. We're not recommending you cut them completely out, but instead try to check out more of Wyoming. Maybe a Yellowstone adventure, or Saratoga weekend getaway?

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    Shop Local More Often

    Spending your money at mom and pop stores in Cheyenne helps our community grow and your neighbors succeed!

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    Keep Cheyenne Beautiful

    You don't have to grab a plastic bag and pick up trash, but you can vow to prevent littering and help keep our city beautiful.

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    Help Your Neighbors

    When a friend or neighbor needs a little help, come to their rescue. If you're able, donate to local organizations, shovel the snow from your neighbors sidewalk, just be kind to one another.

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