It’s not that we don’t love his movies as well as his real life, but let’s look at 5 reasons Harrison Ford is so loved in Wyoming.

1. Mister Ford made a living on film pulling off amazing feats without breathing hard (though during real plane crashes his pulse may surge a bit), his greatest escape is getting out of California, and for that alone, Wyoming loves him.

2. It is reported that when he was asked if he had changed Jackson Hole by moving there, Harrison Ford said, "I might have driven up the real estate prices a little."  At least he was reported to have said that, though it is believable that it actually came from him.

3. If you're like most people in the Cowboy State, you respect all of Wyoming's features and wildlife. Guess what - Ford is vice-chair of Conservation International. He donated a portion of his 800 acres as a reserve.

4. Ford is more than just a handy man. As puts it, Harrison Ford found the perfect piece of land, and “crafted a masterpiece” of a Wyoming home. Before Hollywood, he made a living as a darn good carpenter.

5. If you love children, Ford has had four, and now plenty of grandchildren. And we all still love his wife Alley McBeal, uhhh, Calista Flockhart.