2020 has definitely changed our spending habits.

I'm willing to bet that just about everything this year looks different than last year. The way we interact with one another, the way we work, the way we shop... the list goes on and on. Even the items we're buying and how much we're spending on them has changed.

For me, it's disinfecting wipes.

I'll admit, this was never a staple in my house. Don't freak out on me! It's not that I'm not a clean person, but I am more accustomed to busting out the cleaning solution and a rag or paper towel, than I am using a wipe. It seems more wasteful to use a wipe. But I'll tell you something, 2020 has radically changed that and now disinfecting wipes are a part of my pantry stock.

What else have we shifted over to buying during this time?

A recent survey from Statista has given us some insight. They surveyed people all over the world to determine which products were being purchased more. Turns out not every country is the same, but almost everyone began spending more on hygiene products this year.

Here's what else they found...

Products & Service People Are Spending More On in 2020

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