If you're back at the office again, the struggle is real.

2020 has been a strange, unsettling year. Take away all of the fear from the pandemic and just look at your schedule. Your entire routine was flipped upside down and just when you got the hang of things, everything was turned back on its head. Maybe you had never worked from home before and when March rolled around, suddenly you were expected to. Not to mention, your spouse and/or kids were home too. Now, with thing opening up again, your boss may want you back in the office.

It's enough to make your head spin.

And I'm willing to bet you developed some habits while working from home, some good and some bad. Maybe you got into a good, healthy rhythm that got you up at a decent hour and found ways to stay out of the kitchen when the snack monster reared its ugly head. Or maybe you took regular naps and binged your favorite shows while working on those expense reports. Either way, you're probably working to establish yet another routine in this new normal we're currently living in.

And let's just say that some of those old work-from-home habits may be difficult to let go of.

Work-From-Home Habits That Are Hard to Break

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