People in different states never characterize each other – or at least Wyomingites aren’t too snarky about neighbors (except CO). Anyhoo, here are 6 facts about our border states we didn’t know.

The Cowboy State has the least people, but what state would have the least people with sleep deprivation? That’s South Dakota.

On football game days, Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in their state, holding over 90,000 people. In fact, the Cornhuskers at home have been sold out every game since 1962—more than 325 games and counting. Whatever, Go Pokes! 

Utah is the youngest state in the nation, that is the lowest median age. As of the last census in Utah it's 29.2; The national median is 37.2.

Montana would like us to know their cowboys protected their cattle when under threat, but only the U.S. military ever engaged Native Americans. Cowboys and Indians were quite friends, as they are still today. It’s just Californians Montana hates.

We all know the state that produces the most potatoes, but who eats the most potatoes? That would be people in any other state. Do they just not want to eat the profits? We have to make fun of Boise State's football field every chance we get, but don’t ask anyone from Idaho if they eat potatoes.

There is division on one thing among Colorado natives. It’s the question of whether they're officially called "Coloradans" or "Coloradoans." In Wyoming it's just "Greenies."

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