All year Taco John's is celebrating turning 50 years old. This time they are celebrating by making their tacos only .69 cents for today and today only, according to KGWN.

As you know, Taco John's started right in Cheyenne in 1969. It was just a small taco shack that was bought by Jim Woodson and Harold Holmes. They wanted to honor the man who started it all by renaming the taco shack to Taco John's. Since then, Taco John's has found its way into 23 states and opened up 400 restaurants.

In the past 50 years, Taco John's has changed the fast-food game. In the 70's Taco John's invented Potato Oles as a side instead of regular, shoe-string fries, they came up with the phrase, "Ole the Day." Taco John's also trademarked the phrase "Taco Tuesday."

If you didn't know what you were going to have for lunch or dinner, you do now. The .69 cent tacos will be served all day to honor the year it started.

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