Many new buildings are popping up around Cheyenne these days. The city is growing, with numerous apartment buildings and residential developments popping up to accommodate the increasing population. And, of course, with more people comes more businesses.

It seems like everywhere you look, there's a new building popping up. If you're like me, you're wondering, "What exactly are the new businesses coming to town?" Based on the City of Cheyenne's New Development Projects Map, we have many shops and businesses moving to town - many of which are new businesses to the area. Here's a list of retailers and companies with plans to open in Cheyenne:

Barnes & Noble

Though not currently listed on the City Planning map, the announcement came recently to social media that Barnes & Noble returning to Cheyenne this October! Their new location at 5116 Frontier Mall Dr. is currently being remodeled and set to open on October 25.

Dutch Bros.

The new-to-Cheyenne coffee chain will open its first location in the city at Pershing Blvd. near Breeze Thru Car Wash, across from Baggs Elementary. Dutch Bros. is an Oregon-based company that functions off the kiosk/Drive-Thru method, similar to Ziggi's and the Human Bean. The project is under review by the city and was last updated on 6/13/2023. For more info on Dutch Bros, click here.

Ziggi's Coffee Shop #3

Another Ziggi's location is set to open in Cheyenne. The new site is on the corner of E. Pershing Blvd. and Airport Pkwy. The project is approved by the city and was last updated on 11/15/2022. This is the third Ziggi's to open in Cheyenne. Find out more about Ziggi's here.


A new Maverik Gas Station is set to open near Hereford Ranch. The project is approved by the city and was last updated on 5/18/2023.

A Mystery Cafe

Some kind of cafe or coffee shop is under development at College Drive, just North of Cheyenne St. The listing also indicates medical offices are planned in the same location. The project is under review by the city and was last updated on 11/15/2022.

Cheyenne Senior Center

Though technically not a business, the Senior Center is a much-anticipated venue providing services to Cheyenne's senior population. Plans to open a Senior Activity Center in Cheyenne are under review by the city. The proposed center would be located on Pershing Blvd, just East of N. College Dr. The plan was last updated on 12/21/2022.

Blue Stem Winehouse

Blue Stem Winehouse is styled as a location to "to bottle and sell wine" located at 1909 Warren Ave. The project is currently under review by the city and was last updated on 4/26/2022.

Children's Museum

The Cheyenne Children's Museum has broken ground. Though technically not business, the venue is a project many residents have waited years to see come to fruition. It will provide a place for Cheyenne's youth to learn and explore, and construction is underway. The Museum is located in the West Edge district of Cheyenne, off of O'Neal Ave. The project was last updated on 11/15/2022 and is approved by the city.

Take 5 Oil Change

Take 5 Oil Change is ning up a shop on Dell Range next to the Bicycle Shop. The shop will offer oil changes and automotive services. This project was last updated on 11/15/2022 and is approved by the city.


The First National Bank of Omaha is expanding from Nebraska to Cheyenne. The new location is on Dell Range, West of Ridge Rd. The project was last updated on 11/15/2022. The building exterior looks mostly completed at this point.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is a commercial store similar to TJ Maxx. Burlington sells discounted, brand-name clothing and items. The proposed location for the project is on Dell Range Blvd. next to Hobby Lobby. The project was last updated on 6/23/2022 and is currently under review by the city. Find out more about Burlington Coat Factory here.

Everhome Suites Hotel

Another hotel for the Lincolnway strip. Everhome Suites is a proposed, long-term stay 114-room hotel project approved by the City of Cheyenne. Everhome is part of the Choice Hotels group. You can check out existing Everhome Suites here for an idea of what to expect. The project's last update was on 1/11/2023. The proposed location is on W. Lincolnway and Paul Smith Way.

Stansbury Farms

Commercial Nursery that will sell its products to the public. This project was last updated on 11/16/2022 and was Approved by the city.

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