When talking to someone who ins't from the Cowboy State, a Wyoming resident can get some pretty dumb questions. Here are 8 examples, and how you can answer:

8. Do people in Wyoming believe in Jackalopes?

Only in June in Douglas, though I hear people in Jackson are jackalopes year round.

7. Seen any Indians?

Yes, but people from India are not our biggest nationality. (Really? It’s not still 1960.)

6. Are Women really equal in ‘The Equality State?’

T’was a time Wyoming women were a lot more equal, but not as much anymore.

5. You have to admit CSU has a good football team, don’t you?

No, I don’t! The Border War rocks no matter how good either team is. Go Pokes!

4. Does the wind always blow?

Yes! It always blows alright.

3. Is Ranch dressing really the #1 condiment in Wyoming?

Yes. And kids know how to eat vegetables because of it.

2. Does your town have an airport?

No, we take a covered wagon to Denver and go from there.

1. How could you people have voted for Trump?

Not all of us people voted for Trump, though most did, just like in most other states.

Okay, it's time to get on my horse and go feed the animals on my ranch.

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